it’s time to cut down on the sweet stuff

Dr Jess says: In my personal and professional opinion, sugar is the most deadly threat to our health and one of the hardest things to quit. Many people fail to realise that carbohydrates are made of long chains of sugar, and that white flour breaks down into sugar in under half an hour after we have eaten it! 

Look around any supermarket, and you realise that half of the food contains white flour or sugar. The food industry has a lot of power over our health; marketing foods like fruit juices, kids fruit snacks, breakfast cereals and cereal bars which are loaded with sugars as healthy and good for us, when the opposite is true. It is misleading and frustrating. 

Take the challenge below, to work out how many teaspoons you consume of sugar each day. While the result may be shocking, it is helpful to start looking at the carbohydrates and sugar that you eat, rather than counting calories and tracking fat. Eliminating sugar completely can be daunting, but even simple things like cooking from scratch and eating more vegetables can be positive steps to reduce your sugar consumption and take back control of your eating. 

Sugar is likely the single largest factor in rising obesity and chronic disease. Increasing levels of sugar in our diet are at least partly responsible for…