explore the uses of this wonderful plant

Jess says: Aloe vera is a staple in our natural medicine cabinet at home. While you may be more familiar with it in skin creams or aftersun lotions, we keep aloe juice in our fridge, and it is great for soothing an unhappy stomach, acid reflux, constipation or indigestion.

I often recommend that my patients who are suffering from an inflammatory condition drink Aloe juice. Used on the skin, Aloe vera gel is wonderful for treating heat rashes, burns, fissures and wounds.

We always have an Aloe plant on our windowsill for an emergency sore throat intervention and I’ve felt the fantastic results first-hand – after swallowing the fresh gel, even the most severe of throat infections seems to disappear like magic! 

Aloe barbadensis leaf (Aloe vera) is a wonderful support for the digestive system, helping internally, to cool and soothe inflammation. Used externally, it can help to relieve a number of skin problems. 

aloe vera has been used by herbalists for thousands of years, to cool and soothe the digestion

In Ayurvedic medicine, Aloe vera is called ‘Kumari,’ which translates to ‘young maiden,’ as it is commonly used as a cure for female health problems and for maintaining the youthfulness of the skin. Ayurvedic practitioners consider Aloe vera to be cooling, good for both…