A healthy gut is vital for a healthy immune system. Medical knowledge is beginning to appreciate the issues that a leaky gut can cause and even how our brain function can be affected by a lack of a diverse gut microbiome. 

Now, more than ever, we need to be doing what we can to ensure that our immune system is operating at its best. Whilst taking daily probiotics is a good start towards a healthy gut, there are all kinds of triggers that can disrupt the fragile balance that exists in your gut and many things that can cause digestive or immune health issues. 

Adio has toolkits to help you to learn more about digestion and gut health, shows you the right foods to nourish your gut and increase the diversity of the essential good bacteria and articles that cover the common immune issues that can be triggered by a poor diet, and teach you how to adopt simple habits to feel better.  

Our healthy eating plan, Refresh, shows you exactly what to eat (and why to eat it), to help you feel re-energised, invigorated and at your best. Simple recipes for gut-nourishing foods are easy to follow for even novice cooks. Eating to protect your immune system isn’t all about bland, tasteless food, it’s about eating a diverse and delicious range of foods that taste great and help your body to perform at its best. 



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