learn more about the healing power of vegetables

Dr Jess says: Throughout the Adio site, we advocate ‘eating the rainbow’ of fruit and vegetables. This is not only to optimise our nutrition, but because plants are nature’s medicine. They are packed full of vital plant phenols, phytochemicals and flavonoids that can help our bodies to perform at their best and prevent many treatable illnesses and diseases, thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

In our Rainbow Challenge lesson, we briefly discuss the sources of vegetables and plants that are the major sources of each major phytochemical. But what does each phytochemical do and how do they work? 

Polyphenols: If you have read our article on natural anti-inflammatories, you may remember that curcumin, the main compound in the spice turmeric, is a polyphenol that is being used widely to help prevent and reduce inflammation and even as an alternative support to certain kinds of cancer. Whilst it is likely that many more polyphenols will be discovered to be powerful, you can get the greatest health benefit by eating a wide variety of whole plant foods rather than taking individual supplements. Read more about the main types of polyphenol below…