Jess says: We started using kefir in our practice nine years ago, after we experienced its astonishing results ourselves. After Dr. Xandra’s digestion struggled to recover from a stomach bug, her Russian friend and colleague gave her kefir and she was amazed at her rapid recovery. She brought it home from London for me, when my horrendous pregnancy heartburn started and I virtually lived on kefir for the rest of my pregnancy!  

I used it to help my daughter build a better microbiome after her birth (she was an emergency caesarean) and my son was weaned on a GAPs diet (the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet), with bone broth and kefir. 1

In the years since, we have always had a culture on-site at our clinic, continuously giving out kefir starter grains to hundreds of patients. Their stories are as transformative as our own. We have seen kefir fix constipation, bloating, lactose intolerance, chronic diarrhoea, IBS, reduce symptoms of coeliac, diverticular disease and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Many patients with anxiety and mood issues report on their improved mood on taking kefir. We have only found a few patients who can’t tolerate it, although it is relatively common to see a bit of bloating and an unsettled stomach on first starting it (we imagine this as the good and bad bacteria having a fight!). 

When we first started recommending kefir no-one had heard of it, but now we are happy to see it available to buy on the high street (though for more diversity, we recommend you make your own if possible). It’s a daily staple for our entire family and most of our friends, and we wouldn’t be without it. We are eternally grateful to Vas (Xandra’s friend) for introducing us to the wonder of kefir. 


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