The essential medical support for home first aid

Jess says:

Activated charcoal is a staple for your home medicine cabinet and is a great, safe go-to remedy in our house for upset stomachs or over-indulging! It’s the only product I have seen that can significantly reduce bloating quickly in patients and is a great digestive remedy. I use a toothpaste containing activated charcoal, and despite its grey colour, I really think it helps keep my teeth white!

Activated charcoal has been used since ancient Egyptian times to remove toxins and was even used as an early method of mummification to preserve bodies, as it effectively prevented them from decaying. It’s a truly amazing substance, but make sure you buy yours from a reputable source, to avoid impurities.

Activated charcoal is an excellent detoxifier. It’s one of the few natural substances that can absorb gas, to relieve uncomfortable bloating and wind. But it has many more powers and uses too.

Activated charcoal has been used through the ages.
Activated charcoal was first used medicinally by the ancient Egyptians in 1500BC on infected ulcers and wounds, and to treat unpleasant gases from the digestion. It was used by both Hippocrates and Pliny (the famous ancient Greek physicians) to treat a huge range of diseases, including epilepsy and anthrax. It was used to make water safe as far back as 450BC. Its’ ability to remove toxins from the air, water and the body, when ingested, continues to be its main use today1.

It’s still used in hospitals, to absorb poisons and to treat drug overdoses.
Activated charcoal is still one of the best treatments to help when given quickly for accidental poisoning2 (consuming something toxic). The first line of treatment in emergency departments, it is most effective when given within an hour of poisoning3. This makes it a great product to keep in your home medicine cabinet (it has no taste, so can be mixed with liquid and drunk), especially if you have young children.

Research shows that activated charcoal is very safe.
90-day high dose studies show no evidence of toxicity in bamboo-sourced activated charcoal4. It has been widely used to treat poisoning and toxicity for over 170 years and is generally considered safe for consumption5. In the 1800s, it was popular to demonstrate the power of activated charcoal to medical students, by taking it with the poison strychnine and showing that it prevented any ill effects. While we definitely don’t recommend you do this, you can be assured that charcoal is very safe to consume!