techniques that really work!

Xandra says: As a chiropractor, I’ve been treating back pain in my practice for over 10 years. A bad back is something that most of us will experience at least once in our life. The majority of back pain comes not from accident or injury, but is as a result of our lifestyles. We simply put too much stress and strain on our joints, thanks to our technology-filled habits. 

From my experience of seeing thousands of patients who are suffering from back pain, the tips below are the ones that I see work for the majority of my patients. While some may sound unorthodox and be contrary to the advice you may have heard elsewhere, these steps come from my years of experience in treating patients with a wide range of back pain issues. 

recline your chair

If you are an office or homeworker, you are probably familiar with the proscribed wisdom of sitting upright, with your feet flat on the floor and your spine tall and straight. However, our spines have three natural curves (in our neck, our upper back and our lower back). Sitting at a 90° angle places increased load through these curves, which can cause back pain. Putting the load generated from supporting our body weight through our spine this way increases pressure and wear on the lower back discs.1

Research from 20062 tells us that reclining back to 135 degrees (or as much as you can whilst working) reduces the load on your spine and relieves pain. Your workstation set-up is therefore extremely important in relieving back pain, especially as many of us spend hours working and sitting in the same position at a desk.

And if you spend hours on the sofa in front of your TV, if your sofa has a recliner function, use it! In the same way that sitting at a desk can trigger back pain, sitting in front of the TV for hours in an upright position can do just as much damage.

straighten your legs

Sitting with your knees at 90 degrees, or, worse still…