natural supports for low thyroid function (hypothyroidism)

Natural thyroid glandulars – there is a natural alternative to Levothyroxine medication

If you have been taking thyroid replacement medication, you could consider taking a natural thyroid glandular supplement to replace your medication. If this is something you are considering, it is important to do this under medical supervision. 

Levothyroxine, which is most commonly prescribed to treat thyroid issues, only works to supplement the low levels of the hormone T4, that hypothyroidism sufferers are lacking in. Natural thyroid glandulars supplement T1, T2 and T3 hormones too, offering a more comprehensive approach. They are made from the natural extracts of the hormones themselves. (Be aware, these are of animal origin, so may not be suitable for vegetarians and for some religions). 

Some people have genetic differences in the enzyme that breaks down T4 (the less active form of thyroid hormone) to T3 (the more active form).1 This enzyme is also affected by long term stress, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and issues with your neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). If you are struggling to convert T4 to T3 you will not feel better on levothyroxine medication, which only works to boost levels of T4.

Many people will feel better on a natural glandular that has both T3 (active form) and T4, as well as T1 and T2

It is important to find a good source of a natural thyroid gland – ideally grass-fed, Dr Jess likes Allergy Research Group’s Thyroid or TG100. You will need regular support when transitioning to a natural glandular, to find the right balance for your body, so work with a functional medicine practitioner or endocrinologist, who has experience in treating hypothyroidism. They will work alongside your GP to find the best way to safely make the transition. A functional medicine practitioner can also help you address stress, inflammation and neurotransmitter imbalances. 

make sure that you’re getting the most important nutrients 

There are at least ten critical vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we know affect the function of the thyroid. Deficiencies in these vitamins and nutrients can cause…