Did you know that you are nearly 50% more likely to suffer from an autoimmune disease, if you suffer from long-term stress?1

Chronic (long term) stress is becoming more and more common. We live in a world of instant everything. Instant gratification, instant shopping, instant news, instant communication. In so many ways, technology is a great thing, but it is also creating a more stressed society as we speed up our lives and try to keep up. 

Stress is one of those things. It can creep up on us, in lots of little ways. Stress about the family or our loved ones or our relationships. Stress about our work. Stress about our health. Stress about our looks or our weight. Stress about what we are doing with our life and those bigger questions we never seem to get around to finding the time to answer. 

And while we might recognise that stress can contribute to elevated blood pressure and the risk of heart attack, it’s easy to think that our stress isn’t that bad. And that’s a problem. It’s there in the background, building up, gathering force and collecting momentum like a snowball on a mountain. We almost fail to notice it for what it is, and instead, it becomes just another thing that we have to live with. So, when the weight gain or insomnia or the immune issues start, it’s not easy to put two and two together and realise that it could be stress that is making us feel so out of sorts. 

Adio teaches you not only about the many causes of stress and the illnesses and problems that it can cause, but we show you how to reduce that stress, little by little, step by step and day by day. We show you easy, sustainable steps to start repairing the damage and freeing yourself from the tyranny of stress.



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