Over 80% of women struggle with hormonal imbalance.1 Women and their hormones may have been the butt of many jokes over the years, but finally, the world is starting to acknowledge the power that hormonal imbalances can have over women’s lives. 

From when and how to get tested, to the signs and symptoms and illnesses that may be caused by hormonal imbalances, Adio can help you understand and address them, using the latest evidence-based techniques and traditional practices used for thousands of years.

Hormonal imbalances aren’t just the preserve of puberty and menopause and can occur for many reasons, from choosing the wrong contraception, to a poor diet. But those times are when we need more support than ever, from identifying whether we are hormone deficient, to finding ways to cope with the symptoms and ways to address the cause. 

Adio shows you how to manage hormone-related issues, such as thyroid issues, endometriosis and menopause, while our groups connect you with other people experiencing similar symptoms, where you can share ideas and tips to help you feel better. 



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