An analysis of the evidence for 2,500 commonly used medications and medical treatments published in the 2010 BMJ Clinical Evidence Journal showed that only 12% are definitely beneficial and at least 16% cause harm.

It’s a pretty crazy statistic, but one that proves that doctors don’t always have the right answers. Of course, medical science is something that is not static: knowledge and learning grow and evolve constantly, but GP’s often fail to keep up with the latest advances – not through any fault of their own, but simply because there is so much to learn and there is a huge lag (about 17 years!) between medical papers being published, checked and verified, before the science is implemented into standard medical knowledge. In fact, the process takes over a decade. 

On the flip side, ancient wisdom and medicine has been used successfully long before the advent of modern medicines and has helped ensure our survival through plagues, famines and floods. 

Adio looks not only at current western medicine (the medicine that your GP will be talking about years from now), but also ancient, traditional, natural and functional medicine, to offer proven treatments and solutions to age-old health problems and, most importantly, to give you options for how to tackle your own health challenges.