Try something different to banish that headache!

Xandra says: In the UK, as many as six million people suffer from migraines.1 As a chiropractor, I’ve been treating migraine headaches in my practice for over 10 years. Just making a few daily lifestyle changes can have a huge difference in the frequency and intensity of migraines. It can feel as if the pressures of daily living gradually build up, and before you know it, you are in pain and your head is throbbing. By working on ways to help to slow that pressure down, it can help to reduce the number and frequency of any migraines you get. 

Technology also plays a part in the causes of migraines. These days, the  joints and muscles of our neck and upper back are put under constant, unnatural pressure when we are always looking down to check our phone or tablet. 

From my experience of seeing thousands of patients who suffer from migraines, these are the best methods I have found to help treat them: 

stop leaning towards your computer screen or tablet

Our spines are meant to have three natural curves. Sitting in a typical desk set up for hours each day, or sitting slumped on the sofa with a tablet on our lap can disrupt those natural curves. Increased load in the wrong places can then increase the wear and tear in our lower back. 

If your workstation setup and how you sit at your computer is incorrect, you will naturally find yourself leaning forwards, placing weight on your arms and learning on your desk. From this position, to be able to see your screen, you then have to tilt your chin upwards, which puts pressure on the top joints of your neck. Next time you are sitting at your desk, see if you can feel any pressure at the back of your head. If you can, this may be the cause. (If you’re in an office, ask a colleague to take a photo of you working at your desk so you can see how you are positioned). 

How do you fix this? Well, first, head to the Adio 3 minute Posture Challenge for the full ‘how to.’ But the key components are…