Yes, guys, it appears that menopause isn’t just for women of a certain age! Decreasing testosterone can affect your libido, energy, muscle strength and brain function.1 

This decrease usually occurs in men who are in their forties and fifties and is something that doctors are finally starting to recognise. But this isn’t something that you need to suffer in silence with. Testosterone can be raised naturally with certain forms of exercise, diet, herbs and supplements, as well as by reducing stress. 

In some instances, HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) can be the correct health choice for men as well as women. 

Adio’s hormone and sexual health zone looks at all aspects of hormonal changes for all genders. From adolescence and puberty, through to menopause and other hormonal changes that occur as we age, Adio shows you the symptoms that may indicate that you are deficient and natural ways to boost and rebalance those hormone levels, using foods and other alternative techniques and gives practical solutions – you don’t have to suffer in silence!



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