why you should consider giving your children chiropractic care

Xandra says: I have been working as a chiropractor for many years, and over that time I’ve supported many patients through stressful events in their life like a new job, a new house, a wedding, and of course, pregnancy. 

But what is the right age to begin chiropractic treatment? How old does a baby have to be before they can have their spine checked? If you yourself have been supported through life’s events with the assistance of chiropractic treatment, it may feel intuitive to want to check the spine and nervous system of your baby, to give it the healthiest start in life.  

And the answer is, that we can check a baby’s spine and treat them if needed, as soon as they are born.

aren’t babies born ‘perfect’?

Every baby is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that the process of their arrival into the world necessarily was. A long labour, forceps delivery or caesarean can all affect a baby’s spine, neck or back. 

As an example, I was with my sister when my niece was born. Jess had a difficult, 70-hour labour that culminated with an emergency caesarean. The next morning, Jess was struggling with getting her new daughter to breastfeed, as she wouldn’t turn her head to the right. The midwives were very concerned about this, which in itself was stressing Jess out. My sister’s answer was to hand me her six-hour-old baby, and tell me to “fix her neck, she’s had a horrible birth”. Within five minutes, after one very gentle treatment, baby Amelia was turning to the right without an issue. 

After the toll of a 70-hour labour and an emergency caesarean, it’s understandable that her tiny neck could get stressed. So, it was a good idea to check that out to see if the magic of chiropractic manipulation could help…