Chiropractic treatments are gaining in popularity. In the UK, there are still only 3,000 registered chiropractors, but in the USA, there are over 95,000! 

Training to become a chiropractor is a lot of work. There is classroom learning and lab work and then clinical internships to complete – over 4,000 hours in total (that’s over 500 eight hour days – lunch breaks not included)! 

Dr Xandra not only is Jess’ sister and co-founder of Adio, but she also has her own very busy back care clinic in Cheshire, England, where she and her team see hundreds of patients each month. Her approach to treating back, muscle and joint pain is derived from years of experience and the combined learning of her, her team and the thousands of patients she has treated. 

Chiropractic care is not just about cracking joints! It’s about working with patients to find many different ways to address their posture and relearn good habits to help make small and lasting changes. Adio’s structure and movement zone can help teach you more about the different types of joint pain and the best ways to heal them