repair your immune system, the natural way 

Jess says: Worldwide, three in five of us will die of chronic diseases related to inflammation. Despite people having heard of inflammation, most don’t really understand what it means. 

Inflammation is a normal response to protect our body from potential toxins and biohazards, by producing a low level of inflammatory chemicals, cell responses and antibodies. But if we develop too much inflammation, healthy tissue can become damaged. Over an extended period of time, we can develop autoimmune diseases like hypothyroidism, ulcerative colitis or psoriasis. Or we can develop chronic inflammatory conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes or even cancer. Our immune system is at the root of most diseases. Harnessing its power to heal instead of harm can help us to feel great!  

Our immune system is a group of cells, organs and tissues that work together to defend the body against infection, repair damage and maintain our overall health. Without our immune system, we would die; killed by an infection, like the common cold or the ‘flu.

Our immune system helps us deal with injuries, repairs damage to our cells, prevents cancer and lives in an amazing synergy with the trillions of bacteria and other organisms which live on and in us (mainly in our gut). 

When our immune system goes wrong it can be catastrophic, resulting in fatal infections, aggressive cancer or autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or ulcerative colitis.

Most of us have experienced a problem with our immune system at some point in our lives. These problems can present as allergies (the immune system reacting to the wrong thing), hay fever, skin problems like eczema or psoriasis (our immune system attacking our skin), joint pain (inflammation) or frequent infections (colds, coughs, urinary or skin infections). When our immune system is overworked, it can lead to chronic inflammation….