Dr Jess: Traditional herbs have been used to treat symptoms of hypothyroidism like fatigue, low energy, weakness and ‘brain fog’ for hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of years. Scientific evidence is now beginning to show the effectiveness of these herbs on the thyroid and mechanisms for how they work. I have used all of these in practice and these are my top 5 herbs to support hypothyroidism – although I would always suggest you see a medical herbalist to find the best herb or combination for your symptoms. For other natural supports visit our article here.

ashwaghanda (Withania somnifera)

The  Ayurvedic herb ashwaghanda is traditionally used as a herbal anti-inflammatory that helps the body deal with and recover from stress. It is considered calming and good for anxiety, exhaustion, poor memory and insomnia.

It has long been used as a thyroid support by many herbalists and has been shown to both raise thyroid hormone levels and also correct subclinical hypothyroidism.1,2  

Dr Jess: Ashwagandha is my number one herb for supporting the thyroid and boosting thyroid function I usually give this as a 500mg capsule and start with one daily but have increased it further up to 8 daily as needed. Our plant+ combination has a main ingredient of ashwagandha. It is a beautiful herb and as well as improving energy, I have seen it help thyroid function on blood tests.

ginseng (panax ginseng)

Ginseng root has a 4000 year history as the most strengthening herb in traditional Chinese Medicine. In our experience it is very difficult to grow but an excellent herb. Ginseng is traditionally used for…