Jess says: As I’m sitting on the sofa, recovering from a horrible cold writing this, zinc seems the perfect mineral to tell you about. Today, my body is proof that despite a good diet, herbs and supplements, my immune system can’t overcome sleep deprivation, thanks to my son, Jack!

I find zinc excellent to help shorten and lessen the symptoms of a cold, and also to aid immune system problems. I will often consider how much zinc a patient has in any inflammatory disease or condition. I encourage my patients to make sure that they are eating zinc-rich foods regularly or to consider taking a supplement. I also recommend zinc in conditions such as male infertility, slow growth in children and immune system diseases. 

Most people know that vitamin C can help to treat or reduce an infection, but do not know that zinc may be even more important in modern medicine. Are you getting enough of this essential nutrient in your diet?  

Zinc is an essential nutrient, so we need to ensure we have enough of it. Zinc is a nutrient that is essential for us to live.  It’s critical for the healthy growth and development of children1 and is a key mineral for the functioning of our immune system.2 Zinc is important to the activity of over 300 enzymes and 1000 transcription factors in our body, and a lack of it can significantly impair…


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