how to manage your life, and your time, for greater happiness and clarity

Dr Jess says: While mental health is slowly becoming something that more people are comfortable with discussing, for others, it still brings feelings of shame that they can’t cope with the pressures of everyday life. But feeling this way is common, with as many as 74% of people feeling this way at some point in their life, according to the Mental Health Foundation1

Life has ups and downs for us all. But I have found that for myself and my patients, making a plan to deal with issues and facing up to them is the first step towards feeling better. It can feel easier to avoid our problems and procrastinate, but just small, simple steps, taken at a pace that you can manage, can help to make you feel better and move through the overwhelm to a happier and more positive frame of mind. 

If we aren’t feeling great about our life, it becomes easy to procrastinate and find excuses and reasons not to do things. Little by little, things can start to slip and we can find ourselves struggling to keep on top of everything. This creates a chain reaction, where we feel guilty about not doing the basics and because we feel bad, our motivation decreases. It can be a downward spiral for many and can, in some cases, lead to depression.

Of course, sometimes there are reasons for us to slip into this cycle of procrastination. Unexpected events, like the loss of a job or the breakdown of a relationship or the death of a loved one can be a trigger for us to feel that life is hopeless and for us to struggle to keep on top of things. 

In other cases, procrastination can be a step into feelings of stress, anxiety and depression and come from multiple, cumulative causes.2 If you feel that what you are experiencing goes beyond procrastination, it is important to see a medical practitioner to ensure that you are not experiencing depression, which should be addressed as a primary issue. 

Things that can trigger…


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