Adio takes a different approach to health. The latest research and scientific thinking takes over a decade before the UK NHS starts giving GPs the information that can literally change lives.

Having worked as a doctor in the NHS, Jess knows the science fact from the science fiction, and Adio shares the latest, credible thinking on new approaches to health, backed with citations, references and other sources. Jess also shares her own remedies, taken from her home life and her work as a natural doctor and functional medical expert, and, along with her chiropractor sister, Xandra, they share this information via webinars, podcasts, articles, and toolkits, to empower Adio users to take control of their life and their health.

Adio isn’t some greenwashed big pharma thing. It’s two sisters, trying to change the world for the better, a little at a time. Adio recommends only products they love, do not take payments, sponsorships or incentives for promotion, and they have a clear, long-term goal for Adio to become a charitable trust. In the meantime, for every signup and every product sold, Adio donates a % to charity, and as Adio grows, the % donated will grow too.

Adio sees the power of change in forming alliances and groups of like-minded people. That’s why Adio members want to do their bit to help make the world a better place too. Adio’s small but rapidly growing community is a place for other people to connect, grow, share and learn – together.