Dr Jess’s Refresh programme is a tried-and-tested 30 day food reset, designed to help break bad habits, calm inflamed and leaky guts and nourish the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, to help you look better and, most importantly, feel better. Already tried and tested by thousands of Dr Jess’s patients, the Refresh programme teaches you how to build a new, healthy and enduring positive relationship with food. The plan can be followed for weight loss or to simply reset your gut health and break bad habits, and is available to non-Adio members as an ebook or, for Adio members, as an easy to follow toolkit, with the companion ebook and support group.

The Refresh programme:

  • Shows you how to prepare to start the plan and how just 30 days can change your relationship with food for good

  • Gives our key principles for good eating

  • Explains why (and how) the health of your gut can affect multiple areas of your wellness and be a major cause of health problems

  • Tells you why diets are problematic

  • Shows how stress can affect your health and throw you off course

  • Teaches you how to reset your gut balance with healthy, nutritious food

  • Tells you the best superfoods to eat for optimal health

  • Explains the key nutrients your body needs to be healthy

All this is provided, along with:

  • Detailed weekly shopping lists

  • Tasty and delicious, nutritionally balanced recipes and snacks

  • Daily meal plans, with complete nutritional breakdowns and analysis

  • Plan-ahead tips to make staying on track easy

  • Alternative meal options and hacks for dietary restrictions

  • How to plan your own meals

  • Strategies to stay on track after the 30 days