As one of the UK’s leading chiropractors, Dr Xandra has seen and treated back, neck and joint problems for over 13 years. These problems occur for a number of reasons: as a result of an accident or injury, general wear and tear or, most commonly, as a gradual result of poor posture and movement.

The Realign programme shows you how to take control of those joint problems and, in just a few minutes a day, transforms your posture to eliminate those aches and pains for good.

The Adio Realign programme has been designed by Dr Xandra to firstly identify your posture type by taking a simple quiz. Then, you follow the specific guide for your posture type, to help to strengthen the muscles you need to rid yourself of those aches and pains and to move more freely, stand taller and live life mobile, active and with greater energy.

The Realign programme is free to Adio members, and £xx for non-members.