Adio is a health portal with a difference. Adio is the brainchild of Drs Jess and Xandra, two sisters from the north of England who believe that health and wellness are about more than just good DNA. Dr Jess is a former NHS doctor who has also trained in functional, natural and Chinese medicine. This comprehensive appreciation of the many different approaches to health that there are has driven her to create Adio, along with her sister, Doctor of Chiropractic, Xandra.

Adio looks at health from the root causes, to the conditions and symptoms. Through webinars, podcasts, articles, toolkits and more, new approaches to common conditions are discussed, many of which are plant-based, natural and holistic.

Adio gives people choices. Rather than simply a tablet to mask symptoms, Adio drives users to look beyond a sticking plaster approach, to heal themselves properly and to take small steps towards better health.

Finally, Adio is about community. Members can connect and learn, support and grow together in a safe, compassionate and supportive environment.

Adio does all of this with a wider mission of making health advice available to all, and with the goal of giving back. Every Adio subscription includes a donation to charity. Adio members also earn Adio Awards, which they can donate to charities that they have a role in choosing. Every Adio product sold also includes a charitable donation. As Adio grows, the % donated to charity grows too, with a view that in the future, all profits will be donated this way.