Adio One is Dr Jess and Dr Xandras’ very own custom-blended premium daily multivitamin and mineral supplement, made with the most bioavailable core ingredients, to optimise absorption and nutritional benefit. Adio One is suitable for vegans, and is free of all GMO’s, fillers, gluten, soy, sugar, dairy and artificial flavourings and colours.

Suitable for men, women and children and adults of all ages and life stages, Adio One is perfectly balanced and uses gentle, yet effective forms of all the core vitamins and minerals our bodies need each day. Jess and Xandra have carefully sourced each vitamin in Adio One and perfectly balanced the formula for the optimal daily dose.

Adio One is also an environmentally sound choice. The recyclable glass bottle is printed with a biodegradable paper label that is attached with biodegradable glue, rather than unsustainable plastic and resins. And the vitamins themselves contain one core thing – pure, unadulterated, highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals. The capsule is sugar, soy, gluten, colour and flavour free, there are no genetically modified ingredients and the ingredients are suitable for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet.