how to take back control of this painful, debilitating condition

If you are struggling with endometriosis, you are not alone. One in 10 women suffer from what can be a debilitating condition. It’s much more than just ‘bad period pain’! Endometriosis is a long-term, debilitating condition that means struggling with pain and other physical and emotional symptoms for up to two weeks out of every four, worrying about fertility, the potential side effects of taking regular painkillers, tissue invasion of the gut and bladder and its complications. 

NHS endometriosis clinics can be very distressing, with patients left feeling that there is no hope of relief, besides hysterectomy. It can feel really unfair, as if your body is deliberately  torturing you and ruining the quality of your life and your relationships… but there is hope!

Although we don’t know the exact mechanisms of why endometriosis affects some women, the root causes lie in inflammation (of our immune system and in our gut health) and hormonal balance. By working on these areas, using the innate mechanisms of the body to stimulate healing, and by listening to ancient traditional medical approaches, many women can find relief.

what is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition where cells from the lining of the womb (endometrium) are found in other places in the body, most commonly in the pelvic area, bowel, bladder and ovaries. However, they have occasionally been found in the genital area, lungs, brain and skin too (this is rare). Usually, these cells are inside our womb, and they grow and are shed monthly as part of our menstrual period. However, if these cells are unable to grow and bleed out naturally, because they are growing outside of our womb, then they can present a number of symptoms and problems. 

Doctors still don’t understand what causes endometriosis and why some people do get it, while others don’t – it can affect all women of any race or ethnicity who have their period, from teenagers to the peri-menopausal. 

endometriosis symptoms and signs

Pre-diagnosis, many sufferers of endometriosis simply believe they are suffering from painful periods, which affect 85% of patients with endometriosis. Other symptoms include…