Every one of those 360 joints is lined with cartilage to cushion their surface. Most contain synovial fluid, which acts like our own version of oil, lubricating our joints. 

Our brain coordinates all the movement in those joints, as if it were conducting an orchestra, using nerves to send and receive information and muscles to move and support them. 

It isn’t surprising that things occasionally break down or stop working the way that they should. From occasional aches and pains, like strained muscles or bruised joints, to longer-term conditions like chronic or degenerative back pain, our resident Dr of Chiropractic, Xandra, can show you the most common types of pain and how to treat them. 

Xandra’s Realign course identifies which kind of back or joint problems you are most likely to suffer from, based on your posture type, and gives you a simple to follow set of exercises that take just minutes a day to complete and can transform the lives of people who suffer from back pain. 

Adio’s structure and movement zone also shows you how to get the best night’s sleep, the best forms of exercise to feel better and how to sit comfortably at your desk to relieve pain (clue: it isn’t how you think it is)!