Early research shows that taking a DHA-based omega 3 supplement in the pre-conception period (before pregnancy) improved the folding of the baby’s brain (which is believed to help ensure greater intelligence). 

Fish-based omega 3 supplements during pregnancy improved mental processing skills in children at the age of 4.1 

Omega 3 is just one of our nutrient superheroes and one that most people are aware of. At Adio, we believe that a balanced approach to nutrition can help to cure or reduce the symptoms of many illnesses and that taking care of your nutrition while pregnant or planning to conceive can help to reduce the risk of negative health outcomes. 

Let us show you the importance of a natural birth if at all possible, why breastfeeding is definitely encouraged and what you can do to give your child the best start in life if either of these is not possible. 

Adio is here to support everyone, regardless of age or gender. From our parenting groups, where you can discuss children’s health, to geriatric care and looking after loved ones towards the end of their lives, our guides, groups, webinars, articles and more can help with key health conditions and challenges, to how to simply make better everyday choices. It doesn’t matter if you are part of a blended family, deliberately child-free or something else entirely – families come in all shapes and sizes! 

Let us show you the small steps that can make the biggest changes – not only to your health, but to the health of your family too. 




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