It’s an easy and common misconception to believe that if we get ill, it’s because of something hereditary that is hardwired into our DNA, because our parents and grandparents had the same illness.

Yet in fact, only 5-10% of all cancers are down to our genetics.1 It’s a similar story for many other serious illnesses. Most cancers are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors and the changes we have made to our lifestyle, what we eat and how we live, when compared to how people used to live. 

It sounds shocking, right? Particularly when you realise that the risk of cancer has dramatically increased since the 1970s and we now have a 50% chance of developing cancer in our life. The wrong lifestyle choices can literally work to turn different genes on and off in our bodies. 

Adio shows you how to look at those lifestyle factors in a way that can reduce your chances of developing an illness. It gives you strategies and support to make better choices for yourself and your health, from developing better eating habits, to getting a better night’s sleep and ensuring you’re keeping your mind and your body in their best possible shape. 

It’s not about overwhelming transformations that are hard to sustain; it’s about small and manageable changes to help you feel and look better and to protect your health from the illnesses that can be averted. 



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