When we’re young, it’s easy to believe that most people die of old age, but that simply isn’t true. Whether it’s cancer, heart disease, dementia or Alzheimers, it’s always something that kills us. 

Dementia and Alzheimer’s in particular are harrowing ways to end a life. For the people that love the person who is affected, they have to endure the pain and suffering of seeing the person that they love slowly slipping away. For the affected, it can be confusing, frightening and even sometimes dangerous as they begin to forget their life and routines and the people that care for them.

Medical knowledge is beginning to understand that inflammation and diet both play a part in the onset and management of both dementia and Alzheimers.1 Adio features a brain function and mental health toolkit, filled with practical, easy to understand science and the plants, tools and strategies to boost brain power and improve mental health. We have practical, helpful advice, webinars and more to help you prevent these illnesses in yourself and your loved ones, while our support groups are there for you if you are detailing with a loved one who has been diagnosed. 



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