Dr Jess says: I love coconut oil! I have seen spectacular results when using it with patients, in treating everything from eczema in children, to preventing recurrent tooth abscesses in adults. Coconut oil should be a superstar natural medicine and food in every home. I use it every day to cook with, and also after brushing my teeth, to keep them healthy.

If you are going to be cooking and using coconut oil as a supplement, choose an organic oil, to minimise chemical toxins and look for one that is as unprocessed as possible, preferably raw and extra virgin. 

Coconut oil is a staple in our pantry, medicine cabinet and also in our cosmetics. 

An incredibly diverse and powerful oil for your health, coconut oil is amazing to eat, apply to your skin, use on your teeth and so much more. Although it looks like a solid fat, it quickly melts at body temperature and becomes a liquid.

coconut oil has been used in Ayurvedic, traditional tropical and Thai medicine for thousands of years for skin, hair and heart problems

Humans have cultivated coconuts for thousands of years throughout South East Asia and India.1 The coconut palm is called the ‘all giving tree’ in old Indian texts, because of its huge number of uses. Ayurvedic medicine describes coconut oil as cooling, strengthening for hair and for improving hair quality and growth. (Even today, it is sold alongside hair conditioners in Indian grocery stores!) Old texts describe coconut oil as deeply nourishing and good for debility, weakness, after illness and for respiratory (lung) conditions like asthma. It is believed that coconut oil also helps to treat…