a holistic approach to pet care

 featuring: Jess & Xandra guest: Chelsea Dawson, True North Vet video length: 49 minutes about: Chelsea Dawson joins Jess and Xandra to discuss all things pet health the natural way. Chelsea takes a holistic approach to the examination and treatment of patients where she looks at the animal as a whole, rather than a

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did you know that taking omega-3 may improve the health of your baby’s brain?

Early research shows that taking a DHA-based omega 3 supplement in the pre-conception period (before pregnancy) improved the folding of the baby’s brain (which is believed to help ensure greater intelligence).  Fish-based omega 3 supplements during pregnancy improved mental processing skills in children at the age of 4.1  Omega 3 is just one of our

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carers can benefit from online support

Having access to the right information can make all the difference. Internet-based health information programmes significantly improved depression, stress and anxiety in those caring for an adult with chronic health problems. The carers benefited most from having online education, information and peer support.1  Being a carer is tough. Whether it’s a friend, family member or

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