the gut-brain axis

how our gut health affects our brain Dr Jess says: When I graduated medical school in 2006 to become a doctor, I had little knowledge about the emerging research on the gut microbiome (the trillions of microorganisms living in our gut). This explosion of evidence came in 2012 and has only grown since then. We

supercharge your health by skipping breakfast 

Jess and Xandra say: Neither of us have eaten breakfast now for over six years (except Jess, when she was pregnant). Many of our patients are also doing the same, as intermittent fasting has become more popular. Once you get used to skipping breakfast, it becomes normal and you feel the benefit to both your

the (gut) microbiome: the main root cause

what is the gut microbiome?  The microbiome is the trillions of microorganisms (also called microbes or microbiota) of thousands of different species that live over and inside the surfaces of our body, like a ‘living’ paint, which at a microscopic scale, is teeming with life. These living microorganisms include not only bacteria, but also fungi,

why vitamin B6 is one of the most crucial B vitamins

Jess says: Like many doctors, I was taught to mainly think about thiamine (vitamin B1) and vitamin B12 when considering low B vitamin levels in patients. Vitamin B6 has emerged as being just as critical for our overall health. It is particularly important for regulating the brain and mood. Vitamin B6 is a necessary cofactor

long covid

Dr Jess says: Long COVID is the description for ongoing symptoms that continue for several weeks or months after coronavirus infection. This doesn’t always seem to be related to how bad your symptoms were, although I have definitely seen it more in people who had to go to hospital or had strong symptoms. Fatigue, headaches

five proven ways to make your child more intelligent

We all want to give our children the best possible start in life and to see them reach their full potential... but did you know that you can increase your child's intelligence, improve their brain function and help them do better in school with just a few simple changes?  These are our best tips for

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