natural health benefits of wild garlic

wonderful ways to use it in your diet If you are out and about in nature, why not look out for some wild garlic to forage? Wild garlic grows commonly in woodland and you can smell it when walking in late spring. Look for the characteristic large dark green leaves and cluster heads of white

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why your body needs vitamin B1 (thiamine), and why you may be running low

Jess says: Like many doctors, I was trained to look for conditions caused by a severe deficiency of vitamin B1; particularly Wernicke’s encephalopathy, but I failed to understand the wide range of lesser symptoms like low energy, mood and sleep problems which can also be caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency. Over the years, however,

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what Is ho’oponopono? benefits and techniques for the art of forgiveness

Dr Jess says: I first came across this forgiveness ritual on a kinesiology course over eight years ago and found it incredibly powerful. Based on four simple phrases, the practice unexpectedly brought tears to my eyes, really resonated with me and the process had an amazing impact on the group of us learning it. I

Mother Nature’s armoury of remedies

Did you know that 50% of drugs in use today are directly derived from natural products? 1 At Adio, we believe that food is medicine and that Mother Nature has a tremendous armoury of remedies that can help to treat anything, from minor to major afflictions.  Natural medicine is about far more than just homeopathy

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risk of hospitalisation with flu-like illnesses is up to six times higher if you have diabetes

Did you know that your risk of hospitalisation with flu-like illnesses is up to six times higher if you have diabetes,1 and twice as likely if you are overweight or obese?2 It seems that especially since covid, we essentially know that being overweight or diabetic is bad for us and can lead to more serious

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suffering from long term stress?

Did you know that you are nearly 50% more likely to suffer from an autoimmune disease, if you suffer from long-term stress?1 Chronic (long term) stress is becoming more and more common. We live in a world of instant everything. Instant gratification, instant shopping, instant news, instant communication. In so many ways, technology is a

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