Well… almost.

As we, and the rest of the world slowly begin to re-emerge from the only global pandemic in living history, as restrictions start to get lifted, we are faced with whole new challenges and need to find ways to stay and remain safe to protect both us, our loved ones and our communities. Reducing the spread of COVID is something that we all need to continue to play our part in, from regular handwashing and keeping our distance, to improving our health and lifestyle, to keeping our homes and workplaces well ventilated and of course, having compassion for those around us who remain scared or worried for what the future holds.

The truth is that we don’t fully know what life will be like living with COVID in the future. It appears that the worst is now over (at least here in the UK), but there remains too many unknowns to say for sure. It appears that it will most likely evolve into a virus that we learn to live with, but one that becomes a seasonal issue, not unlike the flu.


Protecting our immune system.

Looking after our body and our immune system can help to keep our health at its best and protect us from the worst effects of COVID, or any other virus that comes our way. Our immune and infection zone teaches you the techniques, dietary changes and health tweaks that we can all make to help to keep ourselves safe.


Protecting our mental health.

It was easy to assume that the ending of lockdown would be a cause for celebration and life returning to normal, but for some people, re-emerging into society is causing its own anxieties that a year of near isolation has bestowed on us. These are unprecedented times and it’s okay to not feel okay.

Visit our brain function and mental health zone for ideas and strategies of how to cope with anxiety and stress, if lockdown easing is troubling you.


Protecting our family.

We have taught our children the importance of regular handwashing and anti-bac’d more worksurfaces than ever before, all to protect us and our loved ones from COVID. But limiting the number of viruses and chemical toxins that our children are exposed to as a result of over fastidious cleaning could be causing greater immune system issues and more potential for allergies and asthma to take hold.

Our microbiomes need a diversity of bugs and bacteria to operate optimally, and continuing to be over-cautious and limit children’s exposure to other bugs may create problems down the line – the trouble is, we just don’t know. Making sure children spend lots of time outdoors and their immune system is full of healthy bacteria can be one way to ensure microbial diversity that may offer them some protection as life returns to something approaching normal.


Protecting our physical health.

Many of us packed on the ‘quarantine fifteen’ and gained weight as we remained at home during lockdown. We did the complete opposite of medical advice and we ate more and moved less, rather than eating less and moving more.

Now is the time to be getting into the great outdoors and enjoying nature and the physical and mental benefits that time in nature can bring, and working on our posture, our structure and our movement to try to regain our full physical fitness and wellbeing, to ensure that we can deal with whatever the future has in store for us and to make the most of a life worth living.