Yes, it may sound gross, but it’s true!1 Not only are our bodies full of microorganisms, but our skin too, is covered in them, however often we bath or shower! In fact, we have ten times more genes from the microorganisms in our body, than we have human genes. 

The majority of the microorganisms on and in our body are located in our gut. Looking after and nourishing the balance of these microorganisms (called the microbiome) is critical for our health. There are many ways to improve the health of our microbiome, which can reduce the risk of disease and illness. 

All kinds of factors can affect how diverse our microbiome is. From how we were born to the diet we eat and the illnesses we’ve had can all have long term effects on our gut health and our immune system. 

Adio shows you the symptoms you may experience if your microbiome is impaired and teaches you the best ways to repair it, to help you feel better. 


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