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is organic food healthier?

This is a common question, but ‘healthier’ isn’t always exact or easy to quantify. However, according to Dr Jess Braid, Co-Founder of Adio, organic food is certainly higher in essential nutrients and lower in toxic pesticides. “Organic food is up to 60% higher in antioxidants (natural compounds that boost our health, prevent disease, and help us deal with toxins) than its non-organic counterparts,” she observes. “Organic milk and meat are also 50% higher in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids”. The body can’t make these from scratch, but they play a key role in protecting the heart and blood vessels from disease. Dr Jess also maintains that organic milk is 40% higher in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a natural inflammatory.

Antibiotics – or more specifically, antibiotic resistance – is another key issue to consider. “By routinely giving animals unnecessary antibiotics, [resistance] is an increasing risk,” Dr Jess acknowledges. “Antibiotic resistance is leading to an abundance of ‘superbugs’. These do not respond to antibiotic treatment and have the potential to cause life-threatening infections.”