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Comments by Dr Jess Braid – co-founder of adio.

Dr. Jess Braid is co-founder of Health & Wellness platform – adio. The platform aims to provide well researched, practical advice for a range of conditions & lifestyle advice with the aim of enabling individuals to feel empowered to take control of their wellness. The platform features a range of sources including highly referenced articles, podcasts & reports.

Below, Dr Jess Braid discusses what Long Covid is, reasons for this & ways to deal with this.

What is Long COVID?

10% of patients with COVID-19 report fatigue (tiredness), breathlessness, brain fog and in some cases pain for 3 weeks or longer. This occurred in some people who only had mild cases of COVID-19. There seem to be a proportion of people who have ongoing symptoms for some time after COVID-19 has resolved. In some people these disappear spontaneously, in others they are still present up to 6 months later.