find out what just three minutes a day can do for your posture! 

At Adio, we believe that the foundation of good movement begins with taking care of your posture and spine. Xandra has put together a rapid, three-minute programme (from our comprehensive Adio Realign programme), that can help almost anyone to increase their spinal mobility. 

why are posture and movement so important?

These gentle exercises are designed to be suitable for any age, with any level of fitness. The objective is to be slow, gentle and to listen to your body, and let it guide you through these movements. It is not a competition – remember, we are all different, with differing levels of flexibility, but, as you keep working the daily programme, you will find your level of flexibility will gradually increase and your muscles and joints will feel the benefit of regular use. The movement will also help wake you up if you are feeling sluggish and increase blood flow and circulation. It’s a win-win – in just three minutes! 

The busy life stretch loosens and opens your chest, which can often feel tight from being at a computer, driving, gardening or playing with the kids. Loosening these muscles helps to balance your posture and allows the upper back to pull your shoulder blades back and down. In this position, your breathing can become easier and you can walk taller, improving your balance and the appearance of your posture.

The cat stretch moves all parts of your spine to loosen your joints safely, reducing stiffness as well as increasing joint awareness, which could help to improve your balance (and it feels so good)!

The superman stretch increases core strength in your lower back, your shoulder blades and your neck and helps to build your gluteus (bottom) muscles to better support your hips. By doing this on a less stable surface (such as a bed), you engage more core muscles and work your balance, so that your joints are better aligned, whilst decreasing the possibility of falls and injuries.

Our joints are wonderful things – each has sensors that relay information to the brain about where they are and how they move. Keeping these sensors guessing and working can help to develop improved balance and coordination. By stretching the joints in this way, you are also activating your core muscles, increasing the stability of the spine, which helps to develop improved posture.

so… are you ready for the posture challenge?

What’s great about this challenge is that you can do each movement at a time that suits you – you don’t need to do them all together to reap the rewards. And it’s just four short exercises – that’s it!…