Our mission is to help you to make more informed health choices. Our vision is to create an online community to help us all to develop better habits. Our legacy is to save the planet for our children to enjoy.

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Where every body belongss

Adio is all about inclusivity. Our mission is to deliver affordable healthcare advice to everyone on the planet, without exception.

We draw upon our knowledge of the entire history of health and wellbeing, from 3,000 years ago right up to the most cutting-edge research known to mankind.

That’s natural medicine, conventional medicine and functional medicine. Our approach combines the best of all three of these healthcare worlds.


After growing up in a healthcare family, it was inevitable that I would go and study medicine and become an NHS doctor. I’d grown up learning all about natural medicine and alternative approaches to health, and seeing for myself the limitations of mainstream medicine, I decided to leave the NHS to practice and study homeopathy, Chinese medicine and medical herbalism. Since then, I’ve also studied functional medicine, giving me a truly comprehensive approach to health and illness that I use with patients at my Cheshire clinic.

Xandra and I created Adio to help to share that knowledge and encourage people to see the science that exists beyond conventional medicine. Adio gives people new perspectives and strategies to feel better.



Keeping people moving is in my blood. Coming from a family with a chiropractic clinic where I would help out, to gaining my qualifications (doctor of chiropractic) at the University of Glamorgan, my professional career is part osmosis! 

After training newly-qualified chiropractors whilst working with the highly regarded Terry Chimes, of London-based Chimes Chiropractic, I came home to Cheshire and took over the family clinic, where I have successfully treated thousands of patients over the years.

My Realign programme is a simple and effective way to relieve back pain, and the Structure and Movement section of Adio teaches you how to take care of your body for many years to come. 

Dr Jess & Dr Xandra


We grew up surrounded by alternative medicines and therapies. Grandad taught us about plants and herbs, Grandma taught us homeopathy, Mum showed us all about massage and essential oils and Dad was a chiropractor. 

Our careers have seen us venture off to explore different healthcare paths and travel different routes in our personal lives, but we have always stayed close.

These days, we work together virtually every day, live nearby and we both share a vision for what we hope Adio can become. Our shared values and beliefs about what makes effective healthcare and the things that can make for a better planet have become central to what we do. 

That’s why we had to create Adio –  to share that vision with others and find like-minded individuals who have, for a multitude of reasons, been unable to find healthcare answers that have worked for them. 


There are a thousand free health resources out there online. Some of them are factually wrong, while others are simply outdated, when scientific thinking has moved on. Many are replicated and embellished, losing their original meaning. It’s so easy to get confused or be accidentally misinformed. 

We created Adio to become a community resource that is backed by numerous scientific citations, our own experience and the very latest thinking – not just in conventional Western medicine (where vital information can take as long as 12 years to disseminate through to your GP), but by also harnessing our knowledge of the many different types of medical approach, such as functional and traditional medicines.  

We look at health as a whole-body issue; not just about treating symptoms. It’s what you eat, how often you move, your lifestyle, and a number of other factors that determine how well you feel (less of it than you think is down to genetics). Adio gives people the opportunity to learn about those other, evidence-based factors and shares different approaches to health that you may not be aware of. 

Our Adio community connects you with other members to create meaningful, authentic connections and conversations. It’s a place to be yourself: to share, grow and to be kind – not only to yourself, but to others.


We empower Adio members to take control of their health. Small changes can make a big difference. From what we eat, to how we treat our symptoms and even down to our mental health, our members-only content has a wealth of courses, articles, webinars, podcasts and more, to help people to learn how to live a happier, healthier life. We share unbiased perspectives, discuss different approaches and strive to help others find (and take) the best steps to health for them.

We don’t come with an agenda, other than to give people a variety of resources to help them to consider new ideas and approaches, to live better lives and to help make the world a better place, one step at a time.


We built Adio to give people a place of exploration, where they can connect, grow and learn without judgement and interact with others in a safe space, with open and authentic conversations. Adio is not a place of conflict or absolutism. It’s about being open-minded towards things you may not have considered, being receptive to sharing knowledge and having compassion and consideration for others.  

We are building Adio, not for monetary gain, but to create a resource of genuine value that will serve not just Adio members, but the wider world, as we continue to grow.


Adio is building a legacy for the future. 10% of all membership subscriptions are donated to good causes that are chosen by our members. As we grow, so does the % that we donate.

In our members-only area, people are able to award other members with good cause donations and we offer other altruistic incentives too. Our vision for the future is for all profits from Adio to be used in trust, to fund good causes.

We do not accept third-party promotions on Adio. Anything we recommend is because we genuinely have used it and love it, not because we were paid to say we like it. Profits from our products (our Adio One, Plant+ and our ebooks) are donated to good causes. 

We align our charitable giving with the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals – aiming to help tackle climate change, fight inequality, end poverty and hunger and provide education and of course, improve the health of those who need it the most.  

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Adio is all about respect – of ourselves and of others. We treat others with kindness, which carries through to our professional life and which shapes the language of Adio.

We choose to live as ethically as we can. We eat natural, local and organic, we work hard to minimise our carbon footprint, we recycle and only use ethical and environmentally-friendly products at home. 

Our website is hosted at a green-friendly data centre and we encourage our team to take steps to minimise their own carbon footprints and make their own contributions towards engineering lasting change and ethical living.  

This isn’t a cynical greenwashing by a big corporation for profit – it’s about two sisters, doing what we’ve always done and continuing to strive towards helping to make the world a better place. 

the charities
we support.

A big part of Adio is about giving back. As we grow, we intend to give more and more of our profits to good causes and establish Adio as a not for profit trust, where all profit is donated.

But in the shorter term, we are donating 10% of profits from membership subscriptions and we also have Adio Awards – where Adio members earn coins for participating in the Adio community. Coins are earned for many things; from completing courses and classes, to joining in group conversations and helping other members.

Those coins add up fast and at the end of each quarter, we donate to the following good causes:

bfriend charity

bFriend is all about helping to tackle loneliness. In an ever-more online world, the challenge of loneliness is real and people are suffering as a result of isolation.

bFriend works with volunteers to provide outreach and support to the lonely around the UK and works to bring people together with real, human connections.

camfed charity

Camfed supports the education of girls and women throughout Africa. Educating females empowers entire families and communities, and helps encourage equality, social justice, economic development and positive climate action.

We truly believe that the education and empowerment of women makes a huge contribution to making the world a better place for us all.

choose love charity

Choose Love is a charity that provides emergency support and assistance for refugees, predominantly in Europe, but also around the world.

Choose Love focuses on delivering rapid response to the people that need it the most, with minimal overheads and a flexible approach to getting the right kind of aid to those who need it the most.

Project Drawdown Charity

Project Drawdown is about working with governments, policymakers, communities, corporations, universities and educators around the world to find practical solutions to halting climate change.

Project Drawdown works on research projects, education, partnerships and more to find new and innovative ways to stop climate change and the damage being done to our environment as a result of global warming.

ecologi charity

We support Ecologi as part of our carbon offsetting. Ecologi plants trees and funds climate crisis solutions.

Ecologi helps individuals and organisations to become more carbon neutral with simple and straightforward plans that help counter deforestation and make the world a better place to live.

Grow charity

Grow works with Totteridge Academy, a London school, to educate children and the community on the power of growing their own produce.

Grow also has a forest academy, which gets young people out into nature regularly, to appreciate life outside of the city and to give those children what is often their first experience of the great outdoors.

plantlife charity

Plantlife is an international charity that encourages biodiversity through nature, wildlife and supporting the British countryside through the growing of native wild plants.

Plantlife works on conservation of native species and the preservation of nature throughout the UK and works with the government to bring about policies to protect our environment.

sea shepherd charity

Sea Shepherd is a direct action charity focused on marine wildlife conservation. Sea Shepherd takes action to support sustainable fishing, prevent environmental pollution and clean up our oceans.

Sea Shepherd works to actively protect biodiversity in our seas and to bring about change that benefits not just the oceans, but the planet as a whole.

soil association charity

The Soil Association is a UK charity that seeks to improve the quality of the soil that is used to grow our food and sustain our wildlife and nature. Pollution, toxic farming practices, overdevelopment and GM crops are all affecting our personal health and wellbeing.

The Soil Association also works to reduce the chemicals used in raising livestock, reducing climate change and promoting organic and ecologically sound growing, farming and forestry.

world animal protection charity

World Animal Protection aims to help end the suffering of animals around the world. The charity works with governments, communities and more to take a stand against animal abuse of all kinds.

World Animal Protection isn’t just about protecting endangered species (although they do that too). It’s about working to end the suffering of all animals around the world.

the power of together.

We all long for connection. The most meaningful conversations come when we share our experiences. Our ambition is to build a like-minded community enabling equitable access to vital, life-changing resources for all.

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Adio power of together

the power of together.

We all long for connection. The most meaningful conversations come when we share our experiences. Our ambition is to build a likeminded community enabling equitable access to vital, life-changing resources for all.

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Adio power of together
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